Laser Lipo Body Sculpting

Appearance is extremely important in the modern world and we constantly aspire to a slimmer, tighter body shape. Totally Lipo offers a non-surgical, highly effective way to reduce the level of fat we store in our bodies.

Whether you are looking for a firmer waistline, to trim your upper arms, gain more shapely buttocks …… Totally Lipo laser treatment can be used on almost all body areas. In as little as a single 20 minute session there is a visible reduction in the level of fat in the treated body area.

Non-surgical Laser Lipo Treatment

Boost client confidence and salon revenue

Laser lipo is a non-invasive, painless way to remove stubborn fat cells and thereby boost your clients’ confidence. As the procedure requires no anaesthetic, needles or incisions and does not require any recovery time – the treatments can even be performed in a lunch break.

Finance plans are available* which reduce the investment to as little as £10 per day. This can be recouped readily with only two treatment plans per month.

Two revenue streams – One piece of equipment

The Gemini equipment available from Totally Lipo has two different functions:

  • Laser lipo body sculpting
  • Red LED skin rejuvenation

This enables you to help your clients in more ways whilst using only the single piece of equipment. Both types of procedure require a series of treatments for best results and so provide an excellent Return On Investment.

With finance options also being available*, you can cover finance costs easily with just two treatment plans per month.

*Subject to status