Benefits of Laser Lipo Treatment

Benefits of laser lipoWhen it comes to losing weight, January is the most popular month to get started. Sick of the Christmas weight gain, many people turn to crash dieting and fasting to try and get a better figure for the new year. The trouble is that many soon get bored or sick to death of eating like a sparrow and end up putting all the weight they lost back on.

Turning to liposuction for a boost is becoming more popular but there is a better option for those who want to avoid a hospital stay and a long recovery time. 

More and more people than ever before are becoming aware of the benefits of laser lipo treatment and how it can have in improve their appearance without the need for a surgical procedure.

What is laser lipo treatment?

You may have heard of the term “lunchtime lipo” or laser fat removal. In fact these terms often refer to laser lipo, and the way in which it works is simple, effective and gives great results.  The effects are claimed to be just as good as with regular liposuction, but there is no need to stay in hospital for the procedure, as it is completely non-invasive and not as hard on the body. The technique involves using lasers to break up fat cells in areas of the body that need treatment. Those broken up fat cells can then be excreted from the body naturally, leaving the treatment area much less fatty.

Laser lipo treatmentBenefits of laser lipo treatment over liposuction

In traditional liposuction, needles are used and suction to carry the fat cells out of the body. It can be difficult to break up fat cells initially so the process involves vigorously moving the probe in and out of the area which can cause significant bruising, swelling and discomfort.

However, in laser lipo the treatment is not at all invasive and involves directing low level lasers onto the outside of the body in the treatment area.  If you’re not a fan of needles, this form of treatment can give you the results you need without having to go “under the knife“ hence why it is becoming increasingly popular.

In addition to this, laser lipo treatment has a much quicker recovery time primarily as there is no general anaesthetic to recover from, no incisions to heal and rarely any bruising. It really can be “lunchtime lipo.”

Does it work?

Studies have shown that you can achieve similar results through laser lipo to those seen with traditional liposuction, so yes, it does work. As with all weight loss and body sculpting treatments, changes to your eating and exercise plan can help you significantly to keep the great results you have achieved through laser lipo.

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