Winter Skin Care Tips

Winter skin careWe all know that in the summer it is important to protect your skin from over exposure to sunlight because of increased risk of skin cancer and damaged skin that leads to premature ageing.

It is equally as important however, to take care of your skin during the winter months too. The change in season can be a key factor in people developing dry skin, particularly on the face, hands and feet.

Just because your skin is covered up more in the winter, it doesn’t mean it should be neglected. In fact, as soon as the weather starts to get colder and the indoor heating comes on your skin starts to dry out and feel tight, so you should make sure you give your skin some love this winter.

We have therefore put together a few tips to help you this winter. Our top three winter skin care tips are:

Moisturise and moisturise again!

Naturally with dry skin it is essential to keep it moisturised but during the winter months you may find that your skin needs a different type of moisturiser than your usual summer lotion. Give your skin a protective layer in harsh weather conditions by investing in an “ointment” based moisturiser, which are oil based, as opposed to water based. The protective layer will help to retain moisture and keep your skin from drying out. A lot of lotions labelled “night creams” are oil based, so can be used as a winter moisturiser too.

However, be wary of certain types of oil based lotions for use on your face, as some oils can block pores and leave your face feeling greasy. Look out for face products with avocado oil, primrose oil, mineral oil and almond oil, but avoid ones with Shea oil or butter.


You may think sunscreen isn’t necessary for winter but you would be wrong, winter sun and snow glare can still be harmful to your skin too. Be sure to put sunscreen on your face and hands (if exposed) 30 minutes before you head outside. Some moisturisers have a built in SPF factor but this may not be strong enough, so err on the side of caution and slap some more on!

Glove it

Your hands often get a rough deal, especially in winter. They have thinner skin on them than most other areas of your body and are generally more exposed too, which means they can be prone to dry skin, itchiness and even cracked skin. As part of your winter skin care, keep them well moisturised and protected by gloves when you head out into the elements.

Taking care of your skin whatever the season will keep you looking and feeling great.

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