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The Gemini

Beauty Salon Laser Lipo and Skin Rejuvenation

The Gemini unit has been developed specifically so that beauty salon owners can perform both body sculpting and skin rejuvenation treatments with a single unit. This has the obvious advantage that you can therefore benefit from two income streams derived from the one unit.

Both Laser Lipo and Red Light Skin Rejuvenation treatments require a course of sessions for best results. We recommend 8 treatments with a minimum of 72 hours between each.

This means that by running just 2 treatment plans per week, you can increase your salon turnover by at least £2,000 a month.


Multiple income streams for your beauty salon from a single unit

LED Skin RejuvenationThe paddles attached to the Gemini unit contain both laser diodes for Laser Lipo treatments and also 8 LEDs that emit red light to rejuvenate skin.

Both types of treatment are completely painless and non-invasive and as such can be performed at any time of day with clients being able to return to their normal activities immediately. This means that either form of treatment can easily be performed in workers’ lunch breaks for example.

Whether performing Laser Lipo or Skin Rejuvenation treatments, results are clearly visible after a single 20 minute treatment. The effectiveness of Laser Lipo treatments can be increased if clients exercise within the 24 hours immediately post treatment. This accelerates the removal of released fat cells from the body.


Become accredited in using the Totally Lipo Gemini

Complete an intensive 1 day training course to become fully accredited in using the Gemini system. Full details can be found here.


Finance available

Easy payment options are available to enable you to spread the cost.

Finance is offered through an independent broker from as little as £10 per day. Subject to availability

Call us on 01280 830008 or leave your details on the form below to discuss finance options or to book a demonstration of the unit at your beauty salon.

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