I was looking for a good laser lipolysis machine. So I met Mr. John McKendrick. I started communicating with him from March. In June I had the first machine at my beauty institute in Athens and 6 months later I bought the second one. Although I was worrying and being quite skeptical, because it was the first time that I was buying a machine directly from the manufacturer, now I can proudly say that with the help of Mr. John everything was done very easily and I am very lucky to meet him and having that gorgeous and very effective machines!


Having those machines, helped me to increase very quickly my clientele, the sales and the turnover of my business as well as they helped me having stable and satisfied customers over the years, that coming regularly to repeat their treatments. Mr. John, is not only an excellent professional but he is also an excellent man! He didn’t just helped me a lot in the education and marketing, but also in some personal and professional difficulties that I faced. He is a real friend of mine. He surprised me and compelled me with his behaviour and until now he is always willing and ready to serve and help. Dear John, allow me to call you a friend because that is how I feel you after almost 3 years of acquaintance!


Thank you very much for your 2 wonderful machines and for the impeccable cooperation! I am proud to meet you and wish you good luck on your new site.


Best Regards Babis Aristeidopoulos Greece www.vitaplus.gr